Monday, October 29, 2007

ummm did jewelery designers run out of ideas?

Penis bone necklace:

Sunday, October 28, 2007

dick in a box

on friday i went to the honolulu academy of arts and there were a bunch of people dressed up in halloween costumes and someone had a box around their waist and it looked like present, so i opened it up to recieve my prize and it was a penis! and then i shut the box and screamed because i was horrified and scared and then i opened it again and said "is that real?" and then it moved.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Just now

JUst now i was walking into the library at school and im wearing my pink Betsey Johnson tanktop that says, "GUYS <3 B.J." and some creepy guy from like Guam goes "you are a very bold woman" and i shouted "IT'S BETSEY JOHNSON! ITS A DESIGNER!" and then i was like 'i hate this about this shirt' and then some old man with long hair smiled. gross!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

some images

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i miss ny!
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surfer poll awards


$uper ended up coming to the Resorts show wearing all baby blue with a blue fedora with a feather in it.
Last night i went to Next Door 80's night and woke up with a vintage Dior eye patch on my face.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Urban Pacific

Thursday i did a fashion show for LEAH EVANS (
and here are some shots!
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her designs are awesome!!! go to

Saturday, October 13, 2007

email from my mom

Your super Pimp story was interesting, but you better not encourage that Pimpster. He could turn crazy eyed killer on you. and don't be burning or popping anything with him. You would be in trouble if you were drinking and passed out in his company. You are not trailer trash!
Seriously chelsea, don't make me worry about you all the time.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Your friendly neighborhood Super Pimp

There's this guy who lives upstairs in my complex who strikingly resembles what a "moder day pimp" should look like. Alligator skin booties, nice dress shirts and stunner shades in the evenings; fitteds and matching jumpsuits in the daytime. And ALWAYS rockin that gericurl.

So me and my roomate just got back from the beach and we're walking into our house when he pops up out of nowhere and says to me, "ya'll pop X?" Then he gave us a pill and goes, "why dont'ch'a'll try that out fo' free 'n tell me what'ch'a'll think..." then he left. We locked the door and hysterically laughed.

Later that evening, around 9pm he popped up again when I got off work.
SUPER: "Ya'll look nice...where you commin from?"
ME: "I just got off work."
SUPER: "hmmmmmmmmmm..........."
ME: "Um... are you a pimp?"
SUPER: "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...."
ME: "Wanna burn one?"
SUPER: "i'll be ova in a lil bit......."

He came over an hour later freshly showered, but was sweating up a storm. I gave him a paper towel, a glass of water, and we put the fan on him. He also requested we open the window. I cracked it.

ME: "Are you a pimp?"
SUPER: "....yes."
ME: "I knew it!!"
SUPER: "You and me, i think we could make a real good team. I'll buy you whatever you want. I deal wit all dem niggas.... two $hort, jada, jack nicholson...."
ME: "I want a Dior Purse!"
SUPER: "Yeh, i'll get you that. Get allllllllllllll the purses you want. Even get you a baby Jag or a baby Benz. i'll buy you condos aaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll over the, vegas... be gettin you those Minks too, keepin yoou warm"
ME: "But it's too hot for a mink here..."
SUPER: "But ya'll said you was from Ny."
ME: "Where are you from?"
SUPER: "Memphis."
ME: "Why are you called Super?"
SUPER: "Because i'm the SuperBowl pimp"

Sunday, October 7, 2007

this isnt a yacht party!!

last night i went on what i thought was going to be an amazing yacht party, but turned out to be a nauseating, marine involved, gross keg beer-kind of experience. we were invited from some girl from UH and on the ride there, i had a strange feeling and asked, "are the guys who invited you in the...military?" "yes!" she replied. i immediately squeezed my roomates arm as a look of fear grew over our faces.. nooooooooooooo!!! we arrived and there was a good amount of pple i knew which was ok, but the beer was gross, the people were lame and the boat would not stop rocking!!! it was making me so nauseous i couldnt stand it and wouldnt shut up about how bad it was. i got the first ride back to land and was sound asleep in my ac by 2 am....
boats blow

Saturday, October 6, 2007

panda bear cries

sounds like me

blue peacock attacks cars

Monday, October 1, 2007

cnn disses brit

After her September 9 "comeback" performance on the MTV Video Music Awards, critics derided her singing and dancing as lackluster and said she appeared overweight in her sequined two-piece costume.