Saturday, September 13, 2008

my phone fell in a puddle

i was just watching a "the fabous life" and it said mariah carey rode on an airplane next to her wedding cake. i think thats really funny. i wonder if she booked a seat for the cake, right next to her. i wonder how she decided who was going to get the window and who was going to get the aisle. so last night, my phone fell in a dirty puddle on the side of the road. it tumbled out of my bag when i was getting out of a taxi around 4am. everybody saw. it was outside the front of a club. i somewhat remmeber someone coming over and commenting on the situation. then, a few of my other things fell into the puddle. a lipgloss, and maybe a pen. i had to fish it out. there was no other choice. as i bent down to get it, i too fell into the puddle. my jeans and top were soaking. i was wrecked! now, it wont work. at first it wouldnt turn on but then it did. it functioned for about 20 minutes. and then it decided to just stop working. it kind of just decided to put a dent in my day of lying in bed and drinking pepsi and eating my bad italian delivery food. bad in the way i just found a clear wire in my raviolis and meatballs. who orders raviolis with meatballs? it doesnt usually go. well, it sucks. it seems like it came from a can. its just very... bland. i dont really like tomato sauce without butter or salt added to it. i also wish i got an extra can of pepsi. i drink it so fast sometimes! coke is great when your hungover, but sometimes you have to settle for pepsi because they dont always have it. i do notice the difference. or, a difference. one time in high school i took the coke/pepsi challenge. i got it wrong. i think if i had the opportunity to try again i would know. now i have to muster up my energy to go to the verizon store. i really dont feel like walking four blocks. call me lazy, but i dont. i dont feel like dealing with all these random people talking to me on the street and standing in line at the verizon store. i just want to sit here in bed and make this meal taste better.

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