Friday, September 19, 2008

my new phone decal

i got a new phone. its the blackberry curve. my other phone had fallen in a puddle. let me just say, the blackberry is really an addictive thing. ive heard it ruins relationships and causes divorces. i could see how that happens. a study took place and they asked if you had to get rid of your blackberry or your significant other, what would you choose? it was the blackberry! anyways, i didnt want a cover because i thought it was too bulky and looks like something for underwater snorkeling so i decided to order this leopard print decal sticker offline. i thought it was going to be great. it wasnt. i shouild probably take it off because it looks like shit but i want someone to ask how i got a leopard print blackberry. is that gay? anyways........ its been soooo cold out lately! this morning i was walking to my apt in a little dress (might have been from last night..oops) and i was just freezing! i had to zip my jacket all the way up and hug my small frame all the way home. my dad might get a new job in canada. he said the flight is 1 hour away. that would be sick. to go there all the time. for the weekend. just wisked away to canda. my dad just asked me if these earrings were mine. they were little hearts with fake gems that looked like they belonged to the game pretty pretty princess. if they werent mine, id be seriously heartfelt for older women going through a mid life jewlery crisis.
getting this ass in shape... hitting the gym.........

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