Thursday, December 27, 2007

im freezing!

it is so cold in my house. my mom always secretly turns the heat down without anyone seeing and then it slowly drops the temperature and you dont even notice until you look down at your arm and see mad goosebumps and you get a rush of coldness through your body and look around for the nearest sweatshirt but is there ever one there? NO. all of the beds at my house have become very uncomfortable. and ive become an insomniac. its impossible for me to fall asleep before 4am. my brother is watching some skateboarding contest on tv and all the guys are so hot. anyways, also eating has become to tedious. just the whole act of thinking of what i want, then getting it, then the time it takes to consume it, and then the time to let it sit in my stomach........ its just so annoying. food just always gets really unattractive to me every few months. i dont know what it is, but it lasts for a few days and then im back in my place in line at the mcdonalds drive through. just a small hiatus. ahhhh im so cold. well im going to miami on saturday. im so excited! i feel like im going for such a short time though :( i just got my nails done today with my mom. manicure and pedicure. they're red. my nails chip really quickly though, usually after one day. but when its all perfect the first day its the best. greg lutzka is cool because he skates in fedoras. its like 2 am and i dont see myself falling asleep anytime in the future and im not sure what to do. i wish i had ambien. maybe i should drink a glass of wine. although i dont really feel like it. tonight i went over to some guys house and was hanging out and these other kids who were there left and then he got really weird and creepy. and kept making weird eye contact with me for long periods of time while smiling and then told me i looked "scrumptious" which really killed it for me at that point, and i was beyond terrified when he walked towards me and unzipped my jacket and tried to proceed to make a move from there... but it was immediately stopped as i backed up and turned to the good old, "wellllllllll im tireeeeeeeeeeeed im going to go" and then he was so annoying and like "lets go inside and watch a movie!" and i was like "uhhh im realy tired..." and then i beat it! safe and sound. never going over there again. i love andy dick. but he does a lotta drugs.
signing off for the night.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

disfunktional xmas

this xmas has been so disfunktional. last night on xmas eve, my family ate without me. i was out shopping and said id be back in 15 minutes and they ate anyways.
then today, all anyone did was aruge, while we were opening presents, and asking for recipts to exchange the gifts for $. all of the presents my mom gave we regifts of things she got for free. then my mom said shes worried to sleep @ night because she thinks my brother is going to kill her.
merry xmas ya filthy animal