Thursday, November 1, 2007

i hate "friends"

i hate the show "friends" so much! it is the worst show ever. its so annoying and all of the characters are so gay. story lines are based on "poking a naked neighbor with a stick" and sitting around a lame coffee house playing spin the bottle with "gunther"
it also sucks because it follows seinfeld, and who can compete with following up such an amazing show.
the tila tequila show is dumb too. people just watch it because shes hot but none of the contestants are intriguing or interesting.they're losers too.
im so tired from hallloween last night i cant move from bed and its 3:15pm. i was so hungry and i had no food so i ordered a mini chicken parm plate and a caprese salad.. but to have it delivered i needed to order like $10 worth of things so i got four bottles of water and a can of iced tea. the food wasnt good and i waited to long to eat the chick parm meal so the pasta tasted like shit and all the sauce had already been absorbed. that isnt the mark of a good delivery service!
last night this guy took a bunch of pictures at a party and then gave me his website. i went to it today and it didnt even exist.
i have to take a test for my radio show at 6pm today and i dont feel like studying about "EBS"
thank god tomorrows friday! do you think the restraunt fridays is most packed on a friday?
it took me and my roomate 2 hours to go to walmart to try to get our costumes for halloween, which for me was just getting a piece of fabric that cost $1.12 and took 2 hours to get. there was so much traffic, although im unsure why.
my costume was so amazing. i wore an american apparel black leotard with red fishnets and had a purse basket and a hood and i was little red riding hood. on my back someone painted EAT ME. haha
now im wonder what to do but im too tired to do anything and i want to go outside but its rainy. i just realized ive had 2 videos at my house for about 2 weeks and they're new releases which means $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
my neigbors are so fucking loud. the method of parenting for these kids is the dad in an alcoholic angry rage voice counting, "ONE...TWOO..." id love to see what happens at three. i thinnk when he counts three child services should break down the door and yell "freeze!" or be like "three!" thatd be funny

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