Sunday, October 7, 2007

this isnt a yacht party!!

last night i went on what i thought was going to be an amazing yacht party, but turned out to be a nauseating, marine involved, gross keg beer-kind of experience. we were invited from some girl from UH and on the ride there, i had a strange feeling and asked, "are the guys who invited you in the...military?" "yes!" she replied. i immediately squeezed my roomates arm as a look of fear grew over our faces.. nooooooooooooo!!! we arrived and there was a good amount of pple i knew which was ok, but the beer was gross, the people were lame and the boat would not stop rocking!!! it was making me so nauseous i couldnt stand it and wouldnt shut up about how bad it was. i got the first ride back to land and was sound asleep in my ac by 2 am....
boats blow

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